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Cinderiffic = An innovative, philosophical, creative, calculus tutoring, college consulting, music loving, vegan adventurer, animation voiceover artist, yoga aficionada, and interpretative-dancing cross between Gilda Radner and Punky Brewster. You do the math.

Now - the more serious bio:
As the founder of Rainbow EDU Consulting & Tutoring, I'm driven by the limitless potential of the individuals around me. Internationally sought after by ambitious, discerning parents, I aim to help bring out the best in those with whom I work and encounter daily. Ultimately, I want to help guide people, more specifically the younger generations, to find their “why” in this world. I’ve been regularly featured in national media outlets such as Forbes, Business Insider, Cheddar, Parents Magazine, The List, Thrive Global, FOX LA, Parade, and many others. I was very honored to recently have been named one of the top 5 educational consultants to know in Los Angeles by Business Insider. On top of being a driven entrepreneur, teen entrepreneurial coach and college consultant, I am also an avid bibliophile, professional theatre veteran, cinephile, writer, math aficionado, and hula-hoop whisperer (I currently hold a personal record of hula-hooping for 8 hours, 15 mins, and 23 seconds).

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